Saturday, December 8, 2012

Got to Have Sleep Sack!

Our 16 month old has been kicking his blanket off at night and waking up cold every night. When we went to cover him back up he would get even more wound up when he saw us. We couldn't use the tradition sleep sacks because he was walking and the sleep sacks that went over his shoulders would pull him down when he tried to walk. So I found the perfect solution! A sleep sack that is fitted around the chest and wide at the bottom so he can still toddle around his crib. He has been sleeping through the night and it has never come off! We use it for naps and bedtime. It is the GREATEST wearable blanket!    on top of the master design, it is made out of minky and micro fleece, so it is as soft as they come! They come in super cute patterns and 2 different sizes. Awesome gift and a must have for every new parent!

Source: via Tracy on Pinterest

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Benefits of Babywearing

It seams logical that if you carry your baby he will cry and fuss less. Of course a baby is most content being held. Often you hear about a babies gestation lasting 18 months. Nine months in the womb and nine months plus outside the womb. Concentrating on regulating babies systems (that were disrupted by delivery) outside the womb brings me to babywearing. Wearing your baby simulates the same patterns he experienced in the womb; the rhythm of mom walking, the beat of moms heart, moms breathing, smells, voice...This is why babies fuss less while being worn, it is a more familiar environment. When a baby is not fussy he is in a state of quiet alertness. This enables the baby to visually learn and interact with the world around him. A noise that may startle a baby that is not being held, may not bother a sling baby. Thus, his state of quiet alertness is not disturbed and he can continue to absorb his environment.  When a baby is in the kangaroo carry position he has a 180-degree view of the world. Even with a busy mom carrying him, he is learning his environment watching mom buzz around. Studies have also shown that sling babies have shown enhanced visual and audio alertness.

There are infant carriers to toddler backpacks. Selecting which type of carrier that is right for you and your child can be difficult. I personally used three different carriers. I used the Baby K'Tan Carrier - Sage Green until he was about 12 pounds. Then I started using the Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining which I still use now in the hip position. Now that he is 14 months I use the Kelty Journey 2.0 Child Frame Carrier (Black).

Remember to always keep your baby close by wearing your baby. No matter what baby carrier you choose; the Baby Bjorn, the Ergo Carrier, the Mei Tai, the Beco Carrier, etc. Wearing your baby will do wonders for his or hers development. Please ask me if you have any questions about choosing the right infant carrier or toddler carrier for you and your baby.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The best, affordable jogging strollers

Jogging with your child can do a lot more for you than just sheds some pounds. It's a great activity for you and your child to do together. Jogging can be a great way to relieve stress, at give you that extra energy every parent needs! Riding in the stroller can be a great learning experience for your baby if you describe everything he or she is seeing. Fresh air is important for babies, and the ride can be very calming and soothing. There are lots of good jogging strollers out there to select from. Here are a few good tips on choosing the right jogging stroller for you.

  • Terrain: Think about where you will be jogging. Pavement vs. trails. This will determine what type of tires you will need. Trail jogging strollers will need to have good suspension. All of these tires are air-filled tires so you will have to check the pressure and fill them up periodically.
  • Fixed wheels: It is important your jogging stroller has a fixed wheel. If the tires are able to swivel then they can catch and tip the stroller over. Look for strollers that have a swivel tire with a fixed wheel feature. The swivel makes it really easy to push the stroller while walking.
  • Accessories: Most jogging strollers come with different options of weather shields for all types of weather. You can also find cup holder attachments.  

The Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger starts at $173. This has a fixed wheel, is lightweight, and has a built in MP3 speaker to keep your little one entertained while you are getting a good workout.

The Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller with Front Fixed Wheel, Fierce starts at $195. Includes a front fixed wheel, iBaby sound system plays for both baby and jogger, speed-distance odometer, Large storage basket, cup holders for mom and baby, and more!

The Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller, Blue starts at $235. Includes a front swivel wheel that you can tighten down considerably. It has a high push handle making it easy to run with and a   high seat allowing lots of visibility for the baby.

Most of these strollers have the double stroller option as well!

Get ready to have some more fun jogging with your baby!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

If your baby doesn't sleep, get this book!

From the day my baby was born he wasn't much for sleeping. My friends would tell me how their newborns just ate and slept all day, some even told me that they were board! I was speechless. Our little one was up about every two hours tell he was about six months old. We tried everything, rocking, rubbing his back, walking the room, rubbing his belly, singing to him, light projectors, pacifiers...that's right, nothing was working. Around six months I called my pediatrician in tears telling her that my baby doesn't sleep and I don't know what to do. She calmed me down and told me to go buy the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. This book is my saving grace! It explains a child's sleep pattern from the day he is born and beyond. It explains how babies REM cycles change with their development and what signs to watch for when it's time to put them to bed or down for a nap. Once you understand their sleep patterns it goes on to tell you how to get them to nap, or go to sleep at night. The book is broken out into developmental stages so you can start your sleep training whenever you decide it's time. We started around 6 months and now our baby naps for hours and sleeps through the night! If you can be consistent with the sleep training, your child will be sleeping like a log! I still refer to this book as my baby grows, to learn if he should be transitioning into one nap a day, and how long he should be sleeping during the day and night. Great book, changed our household. Everyone is well rested, healthy, and happy!


It is important to always keep your baby close by wearing your baby. No matter what baby carrier you choose; the Baby Bjorn, the Ergo Carrier, the Mei Tai, the Beco Carrier, etc. Wearing your baby will do wonders for his or hers development.

Friday, September 21, 2012

How is your indoor air pollution?

Tizz the season for forest fires. The beauty of summer is coming to an end and unfortunately many of us are unable to enjoy the outdoors due to the air quality. Even those who are fortunate to escape the fires, you may still have to stay indoors due to the pollution in the air. So we stay inside and think we are protecting our lungs and sinuses from the harmful toxins outside. But do you ever stop to think about your indoor air quality? Indoor air pollution can be just as dangerous, but unlike the outdoor air quality, it is something we can improve drastically! Of course typical daily, monthly, cleaning helps keep the dirt and dust under control. But what about the airborne flu-viruses, bacteria, and mold spores? How do you kill those? There is UV-C technology that can target these airborne germs and effectively kill 99.9% of the germs! The Germ Guardian EV-9-102 UV-C Air Sanitizer, Stainless Steel processes 1380 cubic feet per hour and fights order. My advice to you come cold and flu season, heck every season of the year. Find the right air purifier or air sanitizer for you and your family. You spend every waking minute protecting your family and keeping them healthy. This is just another way to easily purify your home! It is REALLY important to run an air purifier if your family suffers from allergies and/or asthma.

Here are some of the best air purifiers:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Cloth Diaper?

Cloth diapering can be intimidating when you start thinking about reusing diapers and how it works.  Especially when you are already anxious about all the important details of caring for your child. But in reality using a cloth diaper vs a disposable diaper is not challenging and offers lots of benefits! Cloth diapering can reduce diaper rash, reduces landfill waste, saves TONS of money, and come in super cute colors and patterns. There are a few different systems to choose from, but I recommend the pocket system.

The pocket diapers I have found to be the easiest to use. Even my husband thinks so! This system has a pocket within the lining of the diaper shell, that you slip an absorbent pad into. After it has been used you simply pull out the absorbent pad, spray off the shell in the toilet (I highly recommend a sprayer attachment if you are going to use cloth diapers) and throw everything into the washable laundry bag! Most cloth diapers come in one size and have adjustments to grow with the baby. Which means, you can purchase 15 diapers and they will last the duration of cloth diapering your baby and into the next child! You got it, you can only pay $200-$300 once, and diaper you child for years! That saves you thousands of dollars!!!! Another huge benefit to using a cloth diaper system is when your little one gets active it's easier to snap on the cloth diaper than wrestle getting the disposable straps on correctly. AND, they cannot undo the snaps on a cloth diaper!

I love FuzziBunz One Size! Here is a great deal where you can choose your colors! I'm not typically big on accessorizing, but the washable laundry bag and diaper sprayer make it easy as pie!

Here is a tutorial on how easy it is to use a pocket cloth diaper:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ergo Carrier Vs. Bjorn Baby Carrier

Choosing between the Baby Carrier Ergo and the Bjorn Baby Carrier can be difficult. Both can be used as an infant carrier and up. Here are the major differences between the two designs:

The Bjorn Baby Carrier can hold a baby up to 25 pounds. The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier is an infant carrier which can be used right from the very first week. As long as the baby weighs 8 pounds and is 21 inches long. One of the best features about the Baby Bjorn Carrier is there is a button that can be unbuttoned at the front of the carrier and lay down without waking up the baby. As the child grows it allows for forward facing placement! The Ergo Carrier does not allow the baby to face forward.

The Ergo Carrier can hold a baby up to 44 pounds. It has an ergonomic design the supports a correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis, and spine growth which is not only comfortable for the baby, but for the person wearing the baby as well. The Ergo Carrier definantly offers more back support for both baby and carrier!

Here is the best price and more information for both baby carriers!